Lawmakers on Thursday also approved in a first reading a counter-bill that would enshrine in the Constitution the definition of marriage as the union between a man and a woman, de-facto banning same-sex marriages in the Czech Republic. For it to be adopted, the constitutional ban needs a 3/5 majority in the lower house of Parliament, while the amendment to the Czech civil code legalising gay marriage only needs a simple majority of lawmakers present. After years of effort, the door may be opening for activists to achieve marriage equality.

In all other cases an administrative fee for entering into marriage is not set. An administrative fee for marriage outside the specified time or outside the Ceremonial Hall is 1.000,- CZK. If only one of the fiancés has permanent residence in the Czech Republic the fee is 2.000,- CZK. If none of the fiancés has permanent residence in the Czech Republic the fee is 3.000,-CZK. If both fiancés have permanent residence in the Czech Republic, there is no fee. Such a certificate may not be, on the date of the marriage, older than seven working days. You can have either a civil ceremony at a Town Hall or a religious ceremony conducted by a recognized representative of a church or other religious organization.

The women tied a veil to the bonnet and bound the bride’s head with an ornamental headband. This arrangement was to be worn by the bride during the entire first year of her marriage whenever she left her home. When both parties came to a mutually satisfactory arrangement, a request was made for the banns to be read in the parish church of the betrothed. After the second banns were read, the first cakes were baked, which were taken around to potential wedding guests. After the third banns were read it was the custom for the invited guests to send some sort of contribution toward the wedding feast. On the eve of the wedding the bridesmaids met at the home of the bride to make garlands for the female participants and to tie rosemary twigs with streamers for the males.

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This means contacting the Special Office of Vital Records in Brno and obtaining all the paperwork. This is because they love their countries but want to find a life in the country that is safe and secure.

  • In January, the Czech Constitutional Court ruled against the Prague Regional Court’s proposal to the United States to amend the wording in international private law to ban same-sex partners who registered abroad from adopting Czech children.
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  • The failed motion in the Senate last year and the latest amendment put to the Chamber of Deputies seek to remove this conditionality.

The Senate is far more conservative than the Chamber of Deputies and may veto the bill if it fails to pass. It then goes to President Milos Zeman, who has not yet made a position on the issue. The newlyweds must also find the star of the wedding ceremony and clean the dish afterwards. Other customs of the Czech marriage include wearing garter and other wedding jewelry. The bride-to-be and groom are obliged to wear blue on their wedding day. These things symbolize the newlyweds’ devotion to their new husband and a new lifestyle.

If you reside in the United States, you can request a certificate of U.S. coverage online at or write to the Social Security Administration at the address above. The same information required for a certificate of coverage from the United States is needed to get a certificate from the Czech Republic except that you must show your Czech Birth Certificate number rather than your U.S. Your employer can also request a certificate of U.S. coverage for you over the Internet using a special online request form available at

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Our immigration lawyer in Czech Republic can help foreigners who want to obtain the Czech citizenship by marriage with in-depth advice on the legal procedure one should follow after the wedding took place. If you do not have any type of residence and your spouse has a long-term visa or permanent residence permit, you are eligible for a long-term stay visa, but you have to apply at the Czech Embassy in your country of origin. Thus, same-sex parents and their children deserve dignity and legal protection. Altogether, there are more than 100 ways in which registered partnerships differ from marriages. Here, two basic situation can occur, which are given by the nationality of the foreign partner – citizen of one of the member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area or Switzerland, and citizen of third-countries. Improving the rights of same-sex couples has been a long-time coming. In June 2018, a draft of the marriage equality bill was introduced to parliament.

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In addition, the fiance must have a perfect command of Czech language in order to get married in the Czech Republic. If your fiance is from another country, he or she will need to get an interpretation for the wedding ceremony. The registry office will require the engaged couple to have a translator present for the declaration of marriage. If the fiance does not speak Czech, the fiance will be responsible for providing an interpreter.

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In August, the Constitutional Court set aside an amendment to the law on welfare benefits on the grounds that it would be discriminatory and exclude certain categories of residents. The amendment allowed municipalities to declare zones of “socially pathological behaviour”, residents of which were barred from claiming some housing benefits. NGOs had criticized the amendment in the past as disproportionately targeting Roma and poor people. There were concerns over the independence of public broadcasting media. Parliament voted for a bill to compensate thousands of Roma women who were unlawfully sterilized in the past. Authorities denied that police officers were responsible for the death of a Roma man during a police intervention against him.

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It is the decision of your Embassy whether they will assist you in getting these new documents. It is possible that you will have to apply for a new Passport in your country of origin. This will provide new data on the total population , but also information on foreigners who acquired their Czech citizenship through marriage in the last years up to 2021. According to the Czech immigration law, foreigners can obtain the Czech citizenship through the options which are prescribed by the applicable regulations. However, there isn’t any straightforward procedure for obtaining the Czech citizenship by marriage, although foreigners married with Czech citizens are entitled to apply for it. Since 2006, same-sex couples have been able to live in registered partnerships and have certain rights to inheritance and health care, similar to opposite-sex married couples.

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