A Romantic Botanical Engagement Shoot at Castle Ashby Gardens- Lauren Elliott Photography

The location for this stunning engagement shoot by Lauren Elliott Photography couldn’t be any more stunning- Castle Ashby Gardens, near Northampton. It has a stunning Orangery and beautiful potting sheds, with a huge array of botanical textures and tumble-down buildings- the perfect location for a romantic pre-wedding shoot. Jess and James told me all about how they met, and their gorgeous shoot with Lauren.

The Proposal

“We met a uni when we were just 18 and we have been co-dependently inseparable since! James spent 2 years with a ring designer creating the perfect ring and to propose, he booked a chalet at the edge of a Loch in Scotland.” He says “One of Jess’ favourite movies is Tangled, so I covered the chalet in fairy lights, placed a few lanterns on the Loch and let a couple off into the sky. Luckily she said yes before seeing me fall in the Loch trying the retrieve the lanterns!”

The Shoot

“We wanted something outdoorsy and our photographer had already been eyeing up Castle Ashby. The indoor botanical areas were perfect for the kind of whimsical feel we were after. We thought it was absolutely beautiful, I loved the variety of the places and we lucked out with a sunny day. Lauren Elliott Photography was, and is an excellent photographer. We were both pretty uncomfortable beforehand as we’d never done any kind of photoshoot before. She made us feel at ease, we got to lead the pace and she let us just enjoy the day while taking photographs with no over-the-top posing. Her photos came out beautifully and we’re legitimately as excited for her wedding photos as we are to put our fancy outfits on! I couldn’t recommend her enough.It was not something I’d ever done before but she knew exactly what she was doing and was able to direct us perfectly. The pictures came out fantastically.”

The Wedding

“Not long now! We’re getting married in September on the same date we started dating and the same date we got engaged (that way we only have to remember one date!). We’re getting married on the edge of the same Loch James proposed on, and we’ve hired out the chalets for immediate family and wedding party so we can really enjoy the lead up together – and rope them all in on the set up!  James says: “It feels like the most terrifying but exciting moment of my life! (Jess seconds that!) But we’ve been planning this for the last 4 years so overall I’m just excited to finally upgrade her from fiancé to wife!”