Hello lovely weddings supplier!  If you’ve landed on this page it’s probably because you’re interested in submitting some content to our lovely little blog. This page is all about that process. Here’s the good news – as a wedding photographer myself who regularly submits to blogs, I know that sometimes it can be a right blooming faff! Resize this, upload that, download this. All before you even know if your submission is going to be accepted. With that in mind, I’ve designed our submission process to be as easy as possible! Read on…


What am I looking for? 


The Glorious Wedding Blog accepts real weddings, styled shoots and engagement shoots. I’m perfectly happy to accept content that has already been featured on other blogs. Please make sure you’re adhering to the other blog’s exclusivity clauses though. Once a wedding has been accepted please don’t submit it to any other blogs for at least 3 months. 


This blog is all about sharing wonderful stories. I love a good story! So you’re far more likely to get a YES for your submission if you’ve taken the time to give me a bit of back story about the wedding or shoot you’re submitting. I love weddings full of happy people, personality and joy. I love details, but equally I know that some weddings aren’t detail heavy – don’t let that deter you from submitting! I don’t care if a bride has spent £20 or £2000 on a dress, used big name suppliers or DIY’d everything. I’m not interesting in featuring one style of wedding – I want to inspire real couples having their own real weddings in many many different way! 




Guest Blogs 


I have a goal over here at The Glorious Wedding Blog to make sure I’m providing REALLY useful information and advice. The type of information that real couples are looking for online. That’s where heaps of talented wedding supplier friends come in. I love to feature guest blogs from across the board of wedding suppliers – whatever your speciality or expertise may be I want to hear from you. In return for your content, you’ll receive a backlink to your website (very good for SEO-juice) a Glorious Wedding Blog badge and features on our social media. 




Yes or No? 


It won’t be possible to feature every single wedding or guest blog idea that comes my way. I will get back to you within 5 days of your submission to give you an answer and if it’s a no – a reason why. Please don’t be offended if it’s a no. It’s not a reflection of your work. And don’t let it put you off submitting again in the future. 


Ready to submit?  Here’s what I need…


I’ve tried to make the submission process as easy as possible for you! There’s no forms to fill in right now. No images to resize. 


Just email me at with the following info…


Real weddings/styled shoots/engagement shoots: Send me an email telling me about the wedding you’d like to be featured. Remember I love a good story so  the more you can tell me about the wedding or shoot, what you loved about, the couple involved, etc etc etc, the more likely you are to get me excited! Send me a link to your blog post (if you’ve already blogged it) or even easier a link to your full gallery. You do not have to download or resize any images. I’ll get back to you within 5 days to give you a yes or no. If it’s a yes I’ll send you a link to a questionnaire for the couple to fill in. 


Guest Blogs: Really simple! Pop me an email outlining your idea. I’ll be back to you within 5 days to discuss. 


 I’m looking forward to receiving your beautiful weddings!